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Archive 2 - Reap 2004-2005


1. Capturing Time

Reap was a year-long project involving installations, actions and rituals exploring the notion of marking and capturing time; time as memory, as process, as moments, as metamorphoses and metaphors. It was led by Anne Bean and culminated in exhibitions and events at CGP Gallery in London.

Artists were asked to explore the time span of a year and I became involved because I was selected to take part in unusual training conceived by artists for artists through a Live Art Development Agency DIY 2 grant for artists working in Live Art.


2. Photo Booth

I am fascinated by how identity is constructed, commodified and sold to us through the medium of photography so the intrinsically narcissistic nature of the photo booth seemed an ideal way to explore the boundaries between the private/public space, time and our sense of self. The photo booth diary and research project resulted in my written piece entitled: ‘Encapsulating the Moment’. I was then invited to be an artist in Reap.

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3. Artefacts and the Ebb and Flow of Time

We all choose to surround ourselves with artefacts that are, in part, definitional of ourselves so, for this project, I gave a range of people a camera and a blank diary. They were directed to select and photograph the object towards which they felt the most attachment on designated days and to explain their choice in the diary. Thus we mapped the fluctuating way in which we apply meaning to inanimate things.

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4. Emotional Shelf-life

By mapping these psychological relationships, I was searching for insights into the emotional ‘shelf-life’ of desired objects. I encapsulated the photographs and diary extracts in a book. I designed a corporate looking Reap logo and covered the book with a faux antique corporate style cover. I embossed my logo in gold on each month of the book and quoted participants, personal view on the passing time span. Thus, the book became a commodified artefact and the experiences of the participants were turned into a souvenir, with an emblematic gold stamp.

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5. Yearnings Performance

This event involved two performances enacted a year apart.

In the first event Anne Bean performed a series of spontaneous actions and words in front of myself and 4 other witnesses. No record was made but a year later each of the five women repeated the performance. Interestingly, many of the witnesses remembered things that Anne Bean had forgotten.

“The conclusion drawn from this event can only be as open as possible: that there is no remembering without forgetting, that there is no single truth, and that we need the Other.” (Guy Brett, art critic, 2009)

Our performance ‘Yearnings’ 2005 featured in Real Time Magazine and was featured in the publication ‘Autobituary: Shadow Deeds’ that accompanied Anne Bean’s retrospective at Matts Gallery ‘Autobituary 2006’


6. The Film Screening

My work as a participant of Reap featured in a film by Artsadmin that was screened after the exhibition at CGP London. As a completed collaborative entity, the film offered the myriad different facets of our concepts about time – growth and decay, presence and absence; accumulation and dispersal, memory, metamorphosis in the form of installations, film performances and ritual enacted by a wide range of artists.

Reap Project (Artsadmin film) from Meg Mosley on Vimeo.