My art collaboration in Vegas!

I have just discovered that casino’s in Vegas host artist in residence programmes. Wow! That sounds like fun!

I will be writing more about my work in Vegas soon but I wanted to show you the selection of images chosen from my collaboration with photographer Lucy Hamblin who photographed me in The Neon Boneyard. Here in Vegas I wanted to explore a universal fantasy love affair with the glitz of the place and yet at the same time it’s resonance with failed desire for fame and ever lasting beauty. I worked with Lucy to capture a persona as off duty disenchanted show girl. We wanted to react to the site which hosts rusting Vegas signs waiting for restoration. They date from the late 1930s through the early 90s and represent both the glamour of Vegas past and hint at a melancholy of the unavoidable ageing on the surface of their rusting patinas.

These photographs will make up part of my current project, where I am exploring the captivating charms, the eccentric glamour and exuberant celebrations of communal unselfconsciousness of my small, British home town.  The town elders call it Trowbridge but we, its provincial princess and princesses, are much more aspirational.  We aspire to be more glamorous like our American sister, Vegas.  It’s our mission and the means by which we meet our need to belong and feel part of a vibrant community.

I’m really excited to be working on this project with curator, Sarah Williams, to create a documentary artwork for exhibition at the Jerwood Visual Arts Project Space in 2013. The JVA Project Space provides an exhibition and development opportunities to emerging artists.

My work with the JVA is a development of a theme that has inspired and fascinated me since I began my Masters degree course at the Slade in London in (2004).  I am fascinated by everyday group dynamics, rites of passage and celebration and this project is an exploration of how the people in a small town come together and interact to gain a sense of belonging and meet their need to belong and be happy.

I’m very excited about returning to Vegas again and just yesterday became aware of the artist Jenny Holzer’s work in Caesars Palace Casino, Vegas from her series truisms. Just a small pic I’m afraid but a good one!

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