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Agog : the grandmother diaries, by Meg Mosley, was shown at an invitation-only premier at Trowbridge Town Hall on 21st September.  Starring Veronica Orr, this documentary is a riveting account of artist, Meg Mosley’s deepening understanding of love, life and the trials of aging. The red carpet event which premiered the film itself was a local community performance Meg created in home town of Trowbridge’s first arts festival and will feature in Meg’s current film in progress ‘Viva Trow Vegas’. ‘Gogs’ was meant to star on the red carpet but very sadly passed away two months before the premiere. Meg continued with the event in honour of her grandmother.

Meg  uses ‘pop-princess’ aesthetics to create insightful artworks that simultaneously utilise and challenge her formal theoretical Slade Fine Art MA training. Her latest pieces for the Jerwood Visual Arts Project Space are specific investigations into the perceived value of glamour and her Premier Opening Night was a shining example of her personal genre.

The invited audience assembled on the red carpet, stars, public are dressed according to taste and sexual predilection, straight, gay, trans, in anticipation and welcome expectation a VIP selection that shone and bristled with excitement.

Right on time the star of the show stepped out on to the red carpet. What a spectacular entrance she made! A glorious picture in a gown to die for, demure elegant, bodyguards, dark spectacled weaving a passage through an adoring and expectant public. There was a welter of flash and gasps of excitement and everyone made their way inside to ‘Trow Vegas’ the Hollywood glitz and glamour, popping of corks beaded bubbles of wine and champagne, the meetings introduction, recognitions, the heady hum of talk and laughter, old and new friends, the smiles and hugs of young and old.

The splendiferous town crier in colourful regalia announced the evening and the ‘star’ appeared and in true Hollywood fashion wobbled with emotion and welcomed stars, public and paparazzi (flash bang wallop what a picture) The show began with poetrix Muriel Lavender, a vision in pink, who coyly and demurely gave it all. The Elvis made a surprise appearance and charmed the audience with a rendition of a newly penned song.  A fabulous fan dance strip followed by the seductive Dulcie Demure – a titillating and cheeky performance.

The film:

First viewing of ‘Agog’ a wonderful, poignant, funny pastiche of Meg and Grandmother a relationship based on fun, love, laughter, religion, duckling to swan Meg blooms under the guidance of a witty, loving and naughty but nice Grandmother whose comments, aphorisms, criticisms match the ‘Tallulahs’ and ‘Mae Wests’ of Hollywood yore ‘Why don’t ya come up and see me sometime.’ This gem of a film not to be missed – a great evening Viva Viva Viva!

To see the trailer for Agog: The Grandmother Diaries click here. To see a short film of the red carpet the event click here. To see the event photography click here.




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