If the shoe fits

As you get older you have to really up your A-game to get a reaction out of people – back in the day I felt all powerful, being a child suited me – I nailed it! All I had to do to assert my authority was do an in hindsight rather un-PC hunch back impression and waddle/trot up to my little sister with this really ill-thought through dialogue (in a witch voice) “I am not Meeeegggg I used to always pretend I was Meeeeeggg” over and over until my little sister crumbled both emotionally and physically. More recently my little sister now a mother herself made me cry because I was wearing inappropriate shoes for the long walk to the baby play date I was joining her on with my new baby niece Millie. I  said she was being bossy – she just looked at me coldly through my teary eyes and said “NO I’m not having that” and walked on ahead, her modern buggy cruising smoothly her deportment that of a woman with her shit together. I dragged my feet (in flat shoes) and moped behind, high heels in hand. I had to concede by letting her put my high heels in her buggy compartment.  Seriously where has my power gone! Growing up sucks.

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