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...I am very proud & excited to be a contributing artist in the book NOTES on a return by Unbound – a Live Art and Performance Publishers

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“The book NOTES on a return was released in 2011 it accompanies a late-2009 exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle. This publication further examines ideas of memory, archive and the documentation of ephemeral practices and queries the reasons and conditions for remembering within the discourses of institution and art history.” Contributors include: Meg Mosley, Guy Bret, Anne Bean,Foreward by Amelia Jones and an Afterward by Lois Keidan.


‘NOTES on a return’ Art Monthly July-August 09/ No.328

Notes on a Return – 10 artists reinstate the energy of the late 1980s at the Laing with a major new exhibition! In 1985, 1986 and 1987, five internationally acclaimed artists Anne Bean, Rose English,Mona Hatoum,Bruce McLean and Nigel Rolfe made live artworks at the Laing Art Gallery. Not only preserving the past, the Laing Art Gallery has also tracked down the residual fragments that have survived in the memories of the artists and the witnesses of the original artworks. The programme culminates with five newly commissioned works by five international artists from a younger generation: Sam Belinfante (UK), Sofia Greff (Germany), Graham Hudson (UK), Meg Mosley (UK) and Viola Yesiltac (USA/Germany) who respond to the audio recollections and archival materials.


…I really loved working with Emi Spinner on this interview. After it was published I was invited back to the AHRC Bristol to give a talk to their staff about my work as a practicing artist since my MA – it was really rewarding …

‘The art of belonging’ ISSUE 12 Summer 2009 of the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Podium magazine.

“Visual artist and photographer Meg Mosley believes in art that is accessible and inclusive. Funding from the AHRC helped her realise her art work and she’s now busy inspiring others to enjoy art, writes Emi Spinner” To view a high quality PDF of this article click here: Podium Magazine Article to view the whole Podium magazine (issue 12) click here


…My family and friends loved this one! A photographer came to do a shoot with me in my studio space at The Slade and I appear in a double page spread in The Independent -Whoop!…

‘A leg-up for arts funding: Meg’s lucky break’ Thursday, 14 April 2005 The Independent Postgraduate magazine.

“Meg Mosley, now 24, was right. Her obvious passion and clear thinking, along with a first-class honours degree in fine art from Middlesex University, contributed to a successful application and she is now studying full time at the Slade.” This article can also be found online click here




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