Room 6

Room 6 - The Power of Glamour

1. D.I.Y. Fame

My grandmother worships beauty, romance, religion and her family with equal passion. She is my muse because this melding of the spiritual and the mundane is at the core of much of my art. I’m fascinated by grassroots glamour so I arranged for the photographing to be filmed by a cameraman. I needed to create an accurate ‘Hello Magazine’ ambiance and to fully explore the commodification of glamour. The photographs are unashamedly brash and saturated as we pose together in an artificial and kitsch studio set.

2. The Everyday Glamour of a Small-Town Princess

My grandmother is living proof of just how much glamour empowers women. She studied the goddesses of the silver screen and uncovered the magical formulae of how to be an alluring lady. Her teaching lives on in the everyday glamour of our local pop princesses.

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3. Finding my Muse

My grandmother became my muse 8 years ago when we did our first collaborative project together. The props, the look and the posture are all evocative of the era to which she belongs and she has since become a long- term muse for many different projects one of which was producing and publishing her autobiography ‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’.

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4. Cupcakes and Matching Slippers

I use my art to make sense of our current culture which has seen the rise of the self-made blogger, style bloggers and so many young women marketing themselves. I decided to give this a go by branding my relationship with my grandmother as Art. In cupcakes, images and matching slippers! I wanted to take a humorous poke at our culture of spin and self-publicity and experience the process of an event, its iconography and imagery and its glamorous veneer.


5. The Spellbinding Wonder of the Everyday

I love to play with the tension between Art and the visual seductiveness of popular glamour. I respond to the everyday like mesmerising wonders because each of the ‘small stories’ I encounter has within it qualities of the spiritual, the mundane and the impulse to communicate and form groups melded within it. In this shoot, I share this passion with my grandmother and we investigate popular icons together.

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