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PRESS RELEASE May 22nd 2014

‘Selfies @ Selfridges’

solo performances by Meg Mosley aka ‘Megastar’ as part of the beauty project events by Selfridges

Megastar performances:
23rd May Selfridges Manchester Trafford 3pm – 9pm
24th May Selfridges Manchester Trafford 12pm – 6pm

She’s FAUX-REAL, playful contemporary artist Meg Mosley tours the UK Selfridges stores performing as her persona ‘Megastar’ to take selfies with the public in their biggest ever beauty campaign for the launch party of the year. Mosley presents ‘Megastar’ and her unique brand of Mega(LOL)mania as a humorous investigation into this era of identity production...“Let me take a #selfie”

This May, Selfridges unveil its biggest in-store beauty campaign the #BeautyProject that looks at beauty from a philosophical and feminist point of view, as well as a commercial one. Meg Mosley will be performing as her social media persona ‘Megastar’ at the four Selfridges stores across the country. Meg Mosley’s artwork offers a new aesthetic and exuberant appraisal of contemporary interaction inspired by mainstream celebrations that go into overdrive and popular pleasures that are usually excluded from academic art circles. In her work as ‘Megastar’ Mosley presents an exaggerated comedy persona and a means to embrace the diverse facets of beauty through: humour, empowerment, cultural pressure, enjoyment, bonding and as a ritual and transformation. She uses performative strategies to delineate how, in this era of digital natives in a culture of social media and selfies, we perform many versions of ourselves and create our own narratives and identity. At Selfridges events ‘Megastar’ will be particularly concerned with the phenomenon of taking selfies with the public. Mosley playfully describes her current approach to the selfie as ‘selfie-facing’ and performative in opposition to being ‘self-effacing’ and modest. ‘Megastar’ is a product of our time a digital native of the selfie culture.

Meg Mosley

Since graduating from her MA at The Slade in 2006 Meg has been investigating the possibilities for exciting female art that this era of the digital native can engender. In the last two years Meg has developed a persona ‘Megastar’ who she lives out in real life as well as largely online. As ‘Megastar’ she has bought out a music video called ‘Part of me’, has an online reality TV series ‘#mylife’ performed live on stage to her lip sync music video at the Rio cinema, London, she won an emerging artist grant and a solo show at Jerwood Gallery Project Space and co-ordinated large scale community events. She was commissioned in 2014 by Windsor Museum in partnership with Firestation Arts and Culture, for a solo venture ‘Megastar in the Museum’ which included her role as a TV reporter and the creation of a Megastar’s Mega Selfie Museum Dress-Up app, where she worked with app developers in an OS and Android compatible dress-up app aimed directly at a pre-teen and teen audience. ‘Megastar’ selfies were recently selected and screened at The National Portrait Gallery, London, as part of event ‘What makes a good selfie?: The Curated Ego’ discussed by a panel of leading artists and critical thinkers and also screened at The David Bailey exhibition events for ‘Stardust’ discussed by Professor of Neuroscience on the science of selfies. Meg presented her work in Abandon Normal Devices festival of new cinema, digital culture and art in Liverpool with Jesse Darling presenting the results of Our Bodies Our Selfies: Reclaiming Overshare for Its Revolutionary Potential, a three-day experimental group workshop aimed at taking control of our bodies and our selfies in the age of identity production. Meg has recently gained representation from the Lemonade Gallery an innovative contemporary art gallery that disrupts the traditional art gallery model with its motto of ‘In.Your. Face’ making the gallery experience as exciting and engaging as the work it shows - a concept that’s very different to the approach taken by most galleries today. Lemonade Gallery launches on 6th June 2014.

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The Beauty Project Selfridges

The Beauty Project at Selfridges is a special series of events of six Intelligence Squared debates designed to examine what self image and beauty mean in contemporary society. We are living in an era of social media and images of celebrities are pervasive and inescapable. The themes to be discussed are wide ranging and fascinating: How to Look Hot at 100, A History of Beauty and Ugliness, Vanity, Thy Name is Man, The Boom in Body Alteration, Untangling the Politics of Black Hair and The Pinkification of Young Girls.

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